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Badges can be earned for a variety of accomplishments. Below is a list of all known badges and how you to can get them. If you know of one that we don't know, then be sure to drop us a line with name of badge and how you got it if you know.

Page 1 Badges

No Title
Available to All

Golem Tower Champion
Received for completing all levels of Golem Tower

Hero of Unicorn Way
Received for completing all quests on Unicorn Way and defeating Lady BlackHope

Three Street Savior
Received for completing all Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and FireCat Alley Quests

Master Diplomat
Received for completing all quests on Colossus Blvd.

Wizard City Protector
Received for completing all quests in Wizard City.

Gobbler Chaser
Defeat 25 Gobblers

Page 2 Badges

Gobbler Catcher
Defeat 50 Gobblers

Gobbler Gobbler

Defeat 100 Gobblers

Savior of Wizard City

Complete all Main and Side quests (Gloria Kendel)

Wizard City Explorer
Received for completing "Find the Smiths" Quest

Sunken City Survivor
Received for completing Sunken City Quests

Krok Thrasher
Defeat 50 Krokotopians

Krok Hunter
Defeat 100 Krokotopians

Page 3 Badges

Krok Slayer

Defeat 200 Krokotopians

Junior Archeologist

Complete all the main quests in Pyramid of The Sun and Throne Room of Fire

Krokosphinx Delver
Complete all the quests in Krokosphinx

Order of the Fang

Complete Vault of Ice instance and return book to Alhazred

Hero of Krokotopia

Complete Temple of Storms Instance & Defeat Krokopatra?

Page 4 Badges

Krokotopia Explorer

Complete Prospector Zeke's Beetles Quest

Mandar Savior

Defeat Ngazi in Beguilar

Complete Big Ben instance & Defeat Meowiarty

Honorary Detective

Received in Marleybone

Page 5 Badges


Ride each of 4 balloons to Hyde Park, Chelsea Court, Ironworks and Kensington

Honorary Engineer

?Attempt first boss in Kensington?

Marleybone Explorer

Complete Zeke's Stray Cat quest.

Smogger Smasher

Defeat Smogger in Ironworks

Cat Curtailer

Defeat 100 Cats

Cat Herder

Defeat 250 Cats

Meow Master

Defeat ? Cats

Page 6 Badges

Crusher Crusher

Defeat Crusher in Big Ben

Machine Master

Defeat Stoker

Rat Catcher

Defeat 50 Rats

Rat Trapper

Defeat [100] Rats

Pied Piper

Defeat 200 Rats

Oni Slayer

Defeat Jade Oni in Jade Palace

Page 7 Badges

Mooshu Explorer

Complete Zeke's Quest

The Purifier
Defeat Wavebringer


Complete all main and side quests in Hameto Village

Spirit Walker

Complete all main and side quests in Yoshihito Village

Sword Saint

Defeat Youkai at the Tree of Life

Ninja Hunter

Defeat 100 Ninja Pigs

Ninja Slayer

Defeat 250? Pigs

Page 8 Badges


Defeat 400 Ninja Pigs

Ronin Hunter

Defeat 50 Samoorai


Defeat 100 Samoorai


Defeat 200 Samoorai


Complete all main and side quests in Necropolis


Complete all main and side quests in the Atheneum

Page 9 Badges

Drake Rider

Complete all main and side quests in Dragonspyre Academy

Draconian Slayer

Defeat 50 Draconian

Draconian Bane

Defeat 100 Draconian

Draconian Master

Defeat 200 Draconian

Savior of The Spiral

Defeat Malistaire

Dragonspyre Explorer

Complete Zeke's quest

Master of Fire

Get all of the fire spells

Page 10 Badges

*Note: All school badges are for the school only*

Master of Storm

Get all of the Storm spells

Master of Ice

Get all Ice spells

Master of Monsters

Get all Myth Spells

Master of Death

Get all Death spells

Master of Nature

Get all Life spells

Master of Balance

Get all Balance spells

Page 11 Badges

Spider Squisher
Defeat 50 Spiders

Web Cutter

Defeat 100 Spiders

Chittin Crusher

Defeat 250? Spiders


Defeat 500 Spiders

Giant Hunter
Defeat 50 Giants

Giant Smasher
Defeat 100 Giants

Page 12 Badges

Blood of the Giants

Defeat 350 Giants

Undead Stalker
Defeat 50 Undead

Undead Hunter
Defeat 100 undead

Undead Conquerer
Defeat 500 Undead

Undead Crusader

Defeat 1000 Undead

Undead Slayer

Defeat 2000 Undead

Golem Breaker
Defeat 50 Golems

Page 13 Badges

Golem Destroyer

Defeat 200 Golems


Defeat 500 Colems

Golem OverLord
Defeat Iron Golem 1,000 times

Wood Breaker
Defeat Golem Tower 6 times in a row

Wood Smasher

Defeat Golem Tower 10 times in a row

Wood Piler

Defeat Golem Tower 50 times in a row


Defeat Malistaire 5 times

Page 14 Badges

Elemental Dispeller
Defeat 50 Elementals

Elemental Smasher

Defeat 250 Elementals


Defeat 500 Elementals

Novice Crafter

Apprentice Crafter

Initiate Crafter

[ Notes] [Known Badges - Unknown Location in Book]
• The badge "Hero of Krokotopia" is now earned after defeating Krokopatra in the Tomb of Storms.
• The badges "Krok Hunter" and "Krok Slayer" .
* The badges "Spirit Walker" and "Peace Maker" are earned in Mooshu
* The badge "Master of Oasis"

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