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To the left behind Bjorn on the catwalks.


Savarstaad Pass
In the Boar Camp, go left and its behind the second tent.

Savarstaad Pass Yardbird

Savarstaad Pass
Up in the North part of Webwood.

Savarstadd Pass Yardbird2

To the left of Othin StormFather

Helgrind Warren
In the left bottom room with the Wild Kraken

Mirkholm Keep
Up between Munin Mistweaver and Scarl DoomHowler in that area.

Mirkhold Yardbird

Mirkholm Keep
Over near Herkin


Vigrid Roughland
To the right of Egil by the river

Vigrid Yardbird

Vigrid Roughland
Behind Hans up the spiral area right near him.

Vigrid Yardbird2

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